We are the North American distributor of high-quality VBM drill bits. The industrial applications include Oil & Gas, Mining, Construction, Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD), Water, Environmental and Geothermal industries. We will supply brand new tri-cone drill bits directly from our warehouse in Pacoima, California, USA

About Us

Sos and Spartak

The owners

Our business started when we met, quite unexpectedly, on a motorcycle ride and got talking about what we both had specialized in up to that point.

Spartak (the bearded bald guy) After working at the manufacturing plant for many years he decided to start his own business and be an independent dealer. His background comes in the form of large technical knowledge of manufacturing processes and internal operations to help drive innovation and optimization.

Sos (the bald guy without a beard) After working in healthcare in a variety of businesses with different sales models he decided to help Spartak become one of the largest independent dealers in North America. His specialty and background come from building a variety of distribution models to help businesses improve their sales and customer relations to help drive organizational capability and reach.

Together these two think they have a winning strategy and think they are the right men for the job. Only time will tell if they are right but they intend to make a large number of friends and have an adventure. In the process, hopefully, helping their network of dealers have a consistent, predictable, and more affordable inventory structure.


Our Location

6643 Valjean Avenue, Van Nuys, CA 91406